The Bytes Watch - Issue #2

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The Bytes’ Watch is a collection of links to some of the things I found new and interesting in the tech world. Usually has links about Azure, .NET, DevOps, Container Technologies, Productivity, Career and Leadership published as a blog post and also available as a newsletter.

Applied Cloud Stories: Winning Entries

Want to read practical stories about scenarios and workloads on Azure? Take a look at Applied Cloud Stories where community members share lessons learned, trade-offs, tips and tricks, and valuable experience building on Azure.

gRPC-Web for .NET now available

gRPC-Web is a fully supported component of the grpc-dotnet project and is ready for production. Use gRPC in the browser with gRPC-Web and .NET today.

Azure Security best practices | Azure Tips and Tricks

Don’t hope that you can bolt on security at the end. Get an idea of Azure Security Tips with this short video.

Build a Blazor WebAssembly Line of Business App Part 1: Intro and Data Access

Jeremy Likness builds a Blazor WebAssembly Line of Business App with Authentication, Logging, EF Core and all the amazing things.

Announcing the Azure DevOps Provider for Terraform

With Azure DevOps Provider for Terraform 0.0.1, you will be able to manage Azure DevOps resources like projects, CI/CD pipelines, and build policies through Terraform.

Introducing dotnet-monitor, an experimental tool

Dotnet-Monitor aims to simplify the process of getting access to diagnostics information by exposing a consistent REST API regardless of where your application is run.

Azure Event Hubs Role Based Access Control in action

Azure Event Hub now supports Azure AD based RBAC using Managed Identity or using a Service Principal. No more worrying about SAS token

Azure Pipelines now supports Linux/ARM64

Azure Pipelines now supports Linux/ARM64. A few other highly requested features are also available.

Announcing .NET 5.0 Preview 6

.NET 5.0 preview 6 is released. As usual, Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET Core are also shipped

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