Short Version

Hi, I am Gurucharan. I work with .NET, Azure and Azure DevOps. On some days I am Dev, on other days I am Ops and frequently many things in between. I live in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Outside of work, I am a member of the .NET Foundation, used to co-chair the Azure User Group in Bangalore when I lived there, blog about tech on this website (duh!) and have more side-projects than I should.

Long Version

I began my career as a .NET developer building web applications with C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API and Entity Framework. I did some amount of front-end work with HTML, CSS and Javascript as well. I guess you can call that “full-stack” development but I was mostly having fun with .NET. The ASP.NET docs always had a hey, you can do this with Microsoft Azure too and I followed suit by signing up for Azure. I began to appreciate the benefits of the cloud and I stumbled upon Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), now Azure DevOps. The idea of the cloud, DevOps & Continuous Delivery was exciting and I never looked back.

It was plain luck that my colleague was involved with the Bangalore Azure User Group. I’ve always wanted to go to those meetups and this was great way to get started. What started as me helping around with meetup logistics quickly ended with me becoming a regular speaker and a part of the organizers.

My first presentation was on Secure DevOps Kit for Azure. Several people gave me positive feedback after the talk. One member of the audience asked me if I can do this talk at a different event. I did that, then one thing led to the other, and before I realized I was speaking regularly. It is a great way to make new friends, meet people with similar interests, showcase my expertise and thus far the experience has been incredibly rewarding.

Contact Me

The best way to get in touch with me would be via Linkedin