A Collection of Public Speaking Tips for Developers

This blog post is a collection of public speaking tips for developers. The tips include how to respond to a CFP (Call for Papers), how to structure your talk, how to design your slides, preparing good demos and how to deal with anxiety and prepare for failure.

How to Invite Guest Users in Azure Active Directory using PowerShell

You can invite guest users on your tenant using Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration. This blog post shows you how to invite a list of users as guests to your Azure Active Directory programmatically using PowerShell, customize the invitation message and configure a redirect URL.

Book Review - The Culture Map

This blog post is on how much I appreciate The Culture Map, why it was such an amazing read and highly relevant to me as a remote employee on a distributed multi-cultural team.

Getting Started with LightHouse CI - Part 1

Lighthouse CI is a node CLI that make continuously running, asserting, saving, and retrieving Lighthouse results as easy as possible. This blog post shows you how to get started with Lighthouse CI, what are the different configurations and commands available to you and how to run your first scan and compare the resu...

Getting Started with LightHouse CI - Part 2

Lighthouse CI is a node CLI that make continuously running, asserting, saving, and retrieving Lighthouse results as easy as possible. In this post, we look at how to setup a Lighthouse Server on Azure where we can upload the scan results, see trends and compare the scores and how to run Lighthouse CI inside Azure Pi...

Annotate Grafana Dashboards with Deployment Details from Azure Pipelines

A complete guide on how to annotate Grafana Dashboards with rich information about your deployments in Azure Pipelines. This feature is extremely useful in situations where your production environment metrics begins to act strange and you have to decide if a recent deployment may have played a role.

Five Azure CosmosDB tools that you cannot miss

Azure CosmosDB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model, NoSQL database service. Using these tools, you can ultra productive with Cosmos DB. I show you tools to easily explore data, back-up and anonymize data, restore and calculate estimated cost of a Cosmos DB instance.

How to upgrade your Azure Event Hub to use Availability Zones

Azure Event Hubs support availability zones.Availability Zones will not work with existing Event Hubs and you will need to provision new ones to use this feature. This blog posts shows you a simple strategy to upgrade / migrate to a new event hub when you want to change partition count and / or utilize availability ...

Up your Azure monitoring game with Azure Data Source for Grafana

An end-to-end guide covering everything you need to know about using Azure Monitor Data Source for Grafana to create rich, interactive and dynamic dashboards to visualize and monitor metrics from your Azure Resources. Shows you how to host Grafana inside an Azure Virtual Machine, configuring the Azure Monitor Data S...

How to Improve Your Azure Security with the Secure DevOps Kit for Azure (AzSK)

The Secure DevOps Kit for Azure (AzSK) helps you automate the verification of end-to-end security best practices for your Azure Workloads. You can configure security policies, auto generate fixes and integrate this in your DevOps pipelines. You can prevent security Drift by scanning resources at scale using Central ...