Hi, I'm Gurucharan Subramani

I love engineering software, systems, practices and processes that enable Continuous Delivery. My ability to see the big picture and also care about the intricate technical aspects plays a vital role in helping me do it well. I seek challenge in the fact that there might be a better way and I find myself constantly pursuing these improvements and constantly learning in the process.

I am a Software Engineer / DevOps Advocate from Bengaluru, India. I want to be the best at what I do.

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It was mid 2015. I began my career as a .NET developer building web applications with C#. With experience and lot of effort, I built a fairly SOLID understanding of how to engineer clean, rich, loosely coupled applications rather than ones that merely got the job done. I had built up enough expertise to become a Microsoft Certified Specialist in ASP.NET MVC and Web development.

The .NET docs always threw in a 'hey, you can do this with Microsoft Azure too' tutorial and I followed suit by signing up for Azure. I began to appreciate the benefits of the cloud and I stumbled upon Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), now Azure DevOps. The idea of DevOps & Continuous Delivery was exciting. The learning curve was steep, there was a lot of head scratching, but I kept searching for the right answers. I started making progress and the Eureka moments appeared soon enough. Work became more fun every passing day.

I wanted to share this DevOps journey, the mistakes made and the lessons learnt with the software community and so I got more involved with the community by organizing and speaking at meetups.

So, this is me, today. I'll be different tomorrow, hopefully better.

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SQL / Entity Framework / NUnit / Selenium


RWD / Bootstrap
Jquery / AngularJs / Typescript

Microsoft Azure

Virtual Machines / Web Apps / Storage / SQL
Security and Identity / Monitoring / ARM Templates

Dev(Sec)Ops on Azure

CI/CD pipelines with Azure DevOps (VSTS)
Safe Deployments / Secure Development

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