Speaking Engagements

Title Date Event & Location Description
Actionable DevSecOps Guide : Running securely in the Cloud Feb 01, 2020 Experts Live India (Hyderabad, India.) I explain a simple DevSecOps pipeline for a web application running on the cloud. I break down the different phases of the SDLC of a web application and looks at how you can embed security. I then explain the shared responsibility models for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS applications.
Managing Feature Flags in .NET Applications Oct 19, 2019 Dotnet Conf Bangalore, 2019 (Bangalore, India.) Feature flag management is a modern software-development practice that decouples feature release from code deployment. I explain how you can manage feature flags 'natively' on dotnet applications and Azure Integrations around it.
Having Serverless fun with Azure Functions and Azure Speech Services Jul 27, 2019 Bangalore Azure User Group Meetup (Bangalore, India.) I explained how you can leverage the Serverless / AI offerings on Azure as a powerful programming model to build intelligent event driven applications.
Overview of the .NET Foundation Jul 20, 2019 BDotnet - .NET User Group. (Bangalore, India.) This talk was a gentle overview of the .NET Foundation and its activities.
Up your monitoring game with Azure Data Source for Grafana Apr 27, 2019 Global Azure Bootcamp, Bangalore. (Bangalore, India.) This talk was a walk through on how to setup Grafana which is a popular open source software to observe, visualize and monitor Azure workloads and how it overcomes the limitations of Azure Dashboards. I spoke on configuring Grafana for Single Sign On with Azure AD, visualizing metrics and different alerting possibilities.
Safe Deployment Practices with Azure Devops Dec 15, 2018 Bangalore Azure User Group Meetup (Bangalore, India.) This was my 2nd talk on the same day. I discussed Blue / Green Deployments with Deployment Slots, Deployment Rings, Feature Flags and introduced DevOps for Database.
Continuous Integration & Deployment with Azure Pipelines Dec 15, 2018 Bangalore Azure User Group Meetup (Bangalore, India.) VSTS is now Azure DevOps and as part of [Azure Devops Launch](https://www.azuredevopslaunch.com/), I organized and spoke about how to get started with Continuous Integration / Deployment with Azure Pipelines.
Building an App Sec Pipeline Dec 10, 2018 DevopsDays, India. (Bangalore, India.) I am at DevopsDays India and this was my first conference. I saw a spot open up for a lightning talk and needless to say, I jumped in and gave a 10 minute talk on building an AppSec pipeline. Best first conference ever !!!!
Test Driven Security with the Secure Devops Kit for Azure (AzSK) Sep 22, 2018 Software Security Bangalore Meetup (Bangalore, India.) After my first talk, one member of the audience asked if I could do a 45 minute talk on Azure Security with AzSK for his meetup. I explain AzSK, show them how to get started and scan their Azure Workloads for Security / Operational best practices in 45 minutes.
DevOps with MS or open source tools & technologies Sep 07, 2018 Microsoft App Innovation (Bangalore, India.) This was the craziest talk experience. The original speaker cancelled the day before and I was called in to deal with the situation. I had 10 hours prep time to give a day-long workshop for ~70 people on VSTS. What could possibly go wrong ?
Secure DevOps Practices with Azure & VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) Jul 12, 2018 Bangalore Azure User Group Meetup (Bangalore, India) I describe the security best practices related to Azure and how to smoothly integrate them in your DevOps Pipelines. I walk through some of the tools and best practices that will help you to building security first mindset. This was a 2 hour deep-dive and my first speaking experience.