Test Performance, Security and Accessibility Concerns of your website with Google Lighthouse

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Lighthouse is an open-source tool for auditing performance,accessibility and SEO of your web-pages. You give Lighthouse a URL to audit, it runs a series of audits against the page, and then it generates a report on how well the page did.

You can run Lighthouse from the command line, or as a Node module but the easiest way is to run it from within Chrome. Navigate to your Website :arrow_right: F12 :arrow_right: Audit Tab :arrow_right: Run Audit. The audit runs for a couple of minutes and you get a nice scorecard like the one below. Each category of audit has a detailed list of rules and links to supporting documentation explaining the individual audit rules and what you can do to pass the audit and improve your overall score.

LightHouse Score of My Blog
LightHouse Score of my Blog

Common Issues

I ran the lighthouse audits on my own blog and a few other websites / blogs as well and the most common audit rules that did not pass are listed below.

  • Accessibility
    • Background and foreground colors did not have a sufficient contrast ratio.
    • Image elements did not have [alt] attributes.
    • Form elements did not have associated labels.
  • SEO
    • Tap targets are not sized appropriately. Buttons and links should be large enough (48x48px) and be easy to tap without overlapping onto other elements.
  • Best Practices
    • Front-end javascript libraries with known security vulnerabilities (and it was almost always Jquery).

Accessibility Results

There was another interesting trend that I noticed on the 20 or so websites that I ran the audits on.

  • Almost all websites scored 90 or higher on Performance, SEO, and Best Practices.
  • Less than half of them crossed the 80 mark on Accessibility

I think the results boils down to the fact that we understand that accessibility is important but it is not always clear how to make our sites more accessible. This is where accessibility testing tools like Google LightHouse and others can play a big role in simplifying things. I can run these test from the command line and that means I can now add accessibility tests to my pipelines and make this an equal priority as the other functional or performance tests.

If you want to read more on accessibility, The A11Y Project is a nice website with a fantastic collections of blog posts, videos and tools that you can use to make the web more accessible.